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Is a deposit required?

Yes, a 50% nonrefundable deposit is required to book your hunt.

Is the deposit refundable?

The deposit is not refundable or transferrable unless the outfitter is required to cancel specific dates. You may potentially add to your party, but will not receive any refund for fewer party members.

Is there a minimum party size for a private hunt?

In order to have a private group, you must book a party of at least six (6) hunters.

When should I arrive & depart?

You should plan to arrive after 3 PM MST the day before you are scheduled to hunt. Please refer to your package details for arrival and departure specifics:

What should I do if I have a food allergy or special dietary request?

We do our very best to provide meals and snacks that cater to all of our guests wants and needs.  If you have a food allergy or special request, we will ask for that information when you complete your booking and make adjustments to our menu, as needed.

May I bring my own dog?

No.  Our guides are also professional retriever trainers and will be utilizing all self-trained dogs for each hunt.  This is for the safety of the guides, hunters and dogs.

Do I need to bring waders?

While we may hunt near water, as a guest you will not need waders.

Do I need to purchase my license and waterfowl stamps ahead of time?

No, QLO will handle all of your licensing and stamp requirements, and have them ready for you when you arrive.

Should I bring my own gun?

You may choose to bring your own shotgun (see instructions below). We do have premium 12 gauge shotguns (Beretta A400 or similar) available for all our guests to use (included with Presidential package; available to rent for Standard package). 

How do I bring my shotgun into Canada?

You will need to complete a Non-Resident Firearm Declaration Form prior to flying or driving across the Canadian border.  You will be required to pay a confirmation fee via cash, credit/debit card or traveler's checks (payable to the Receiver General for Canada) at the Border Services Agency or Customs Office.

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