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in Saskatchewan

Yellow lab with banded goose
Black lab carrying goose

Whether it be Canada Goose, Snow Goose, Speckle Belly (White Front) or Sandhill Cranes there will be no shortage of big birds for you to harvest. The Quill Lakes are world famous for the amount of geese that migrate through our area every year. It’s not unusual for us to set up on a field holding over 50,000 snow geese or 5,000 big Canada Geese. This is what makes the goose hunting fun!

We typically hunt Snow Geese or Canada Geese in the morning and ducks in the afternoon. We try to give our clients a choice of what they want to go after. The limits are very liberal in Saskatchewan (8 Canada Geese, and 20 Snow Geese), and most people tend to want to chase Snow Geese due to the more generous limits and pure excitement of having a flock of 5,000 birds tornado into the decoys.

The Quill Lakes is the first major stop over for snow geese coming down from their arctic breeding grounds. This gives us a huge advantage because we will be the first decoys a lot of these birds will see on their journey South.  This also makes the goose hunting something you’ll never forget!

Un-educated birds, newly harvested grain fields, as well as top of the line full body decoys, and top notch guides will make it a trip you’ll never forget, and memories that will last a lifetime!

We invite you to spend a few days goose hunting with us and experience a Saskatchewan waterfowl hunt at its finest.

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