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in Saskatchewan

The areas we hunt around are phenomenal for duck hunting! It is not uncommon to shoot a limit of ducks while going after geese during your morning hunt. It’s a sight to behold, and a memory that will remain fresh in your mind forever.

Your typical duck hunt will be conducted in the afternoon over a grain field. There is also plenty of water around us if you’d prefer to hunt a pothole or divers on the big water. It’s not uncommon to have flocks of 100+ ducks lock and drop right into the decoy spread. It’s what keeps people coming back every year!

The daily limit of ducks is 8 per day, regardless of species. On any given day you may get up to 12 different species of ducks.  

While you can take whole birds home with you (within Canada; with a fully feathered wing attached), there is also a grill at the lodge to cook on while they are fresh! 

Ducks hanging on a fence post
Black lab in tall grass
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